DRUGS,  THE BLINDFOLDING REMEDY - Poetry by Daisesta Andaye

Like John the Baptist for Christ
Knowledge prepared the way for the coming of freedom
Then oblivious to knowledge our minds became 
For luxury was the salvation His Excellency; Freedom brought
No need to be surprised 
There is nothing new under the sun it is said.

Let drugs fall in our campuses like manna
For we, the Israelites are starving
They are the only determinants to our existence tomorrow 
Our source of happiness, the Savior from our demons 

Mama said "don't sniff it, don't taste it, don't get it injected in to your body"
Too much of something is poisonous, I know 
But I just wanted a pinch of it
I never wanted exclusion from the gang
I wanted to belong 
It was campus, with the wind I had to move along

A certificate of Liver cirrhosis I brought back to mama
After four years, cancerous lungs are what I finally reaped
Not that I lack an idea of the effects of what I consumed 
My science teacher taught me well

But I was blinded 
Blinded by Mr Freedom
"Mr Freedom, why take away my innocence?"
There is no going back

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