MAMA'S TEARS - Poetry by Shem Viki

Her tears
Her tears used to be seen
The innocent tears stole her joy
Her tears stole her smile away 
Whenever I caught her crying  
Coincidentally, she would fake a
She could not hide it for long
'The tears of happiness' she would 
Mama was wise
She was nice
When it comes to parables
She was the best

'My son, cry today I order to laugh
tomorrow, struggle today for a better
tomorrow' she would advise

Mama used to fight
Not with the neighbors
Not with the haters
But with life itself

As the day breaks 
The tougher life goes
Pushing her to the grounds
To an extent of giving up
She had one strength
She had hope
Her tears
now I understand 
her tears.

She would ensure it does not 
dry up
She was proud of raising a son
Thanks to her tears
    I am stronger
    I am somebody today
Mama tears, I call
She embraced happiness
Through her strength
Her tears
I am her tears.

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