BORN OF BLACK - Poetry by Tobby Blaq

Nine moon before my birth
Pregnancy confirmation in mama’s eyes and palm
Series of herbs and precaution
Given to her as percussion

In chamber of soliloquies
will I rejoice to mama mumble
Her words keep me growing 
Until her stomach becomes the world biggest marble 

Late at night 
Last hour in the night 
The agbebi’s arrived 
Relatives, neighbor gathered
Like a pack of wolves gather round a cayote in labour 
Time to led the embryo out to the world

In plain panic and pains
Mama cry and groan 
Push! Push! Push!
Was the agbebi’s solo
Mama chorused with scream and tears 
An awful melodious tune 
Papa declare 

Last seconds in the hour
Mama exhales
Eyes closed
Hands held tight 
At the sound of her last chorused
Comes in a new back up voice
With a delighted tune

The new voice 
Brought mama smile
Cause others to rejoice 
And now binds with black
For I was born of black.

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