MISS KALOKALO - Poetry by Inufin Ayomide Dgreat

She has all it takes and is to take all you have,
She will take everything till everything takes to your nerve.
She has all to take but none to give,
This dear Devil will take you to hell and leave you in grief.

A Beautiful Cankerworm she is,
And Adam's apple is the fruitfulness of an Eve,
She's Miss Chief, chief of mischiefs,
Always crying for help till the helper exhaust his handkerchiefs.

Survival is a need and the needy is greedy,
'I need, I want' the wanting need the nitty-gritty,
Gradually, his property suffers her brutality,
And eventually, His fate is fated to fatality.

She's Miss Kalokalo,
The beautiful Cankerworm that swallows and swallows,
Eats a man to marrow and leave his bones in hollow,
Don't date a broke girl, save today for the sake of tomorrow.

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