SING ME TO SLEEP - Poetry by Stanley Chemweno

Sing me to sleep 
Right under our favourite place
Rub my head gently 
And whisper to me your darkest secrets 

Sing me to sleep
As your smooth breath tingles me 
Like a sea breeze by the ocean 
Catching my gaze on an instant 

Sing me to sleep 
As you straddle my coarse beards x
A bushy forest of follicle 
That makes you fall in love again 

Sing me to sleep
As your  velvety phalanges traverse my chest 
Setting ablaze the temperatures of the Savanna 
And leaving me panting for more and more 

Sing me to sleep 
Like you never did before 
As we count the stars of the sky 
Hoping that they'll record our love story in beautiful colours.

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