I RATHER A CACTUS – Poetry by Demetrius White

I rather a cactus to a flower
Though not so pretty
It blooms to flowers 
It withers quickly not
But stays succulent long enough 
Even in the desert
I'll drop it not for any flower
Just give it time.

Ooh! How beautiful your flower is
Ooh! Just how fast it'll wither soon 
I remember warning you
The flower stays fresh not in the rains
Should the rains depart
Or should the sun shine
Can it survive the scorch of the sun?

Love is blind
So you said
My cactus I dropped it not
Not for any flower 
Give time some time

Didn't you know that 
even black hens lay white eggs
But love is blind, you insisted
If  love is blind 
Then why do you see the withered flower
If you loved it so deeply, 
Why do you abandon it so quickly 

Like unto a caterpillar
You despised my Cactus 
Look at yourself now
Jealous of my flower
The caterpillar you rejected
Is the butterfly you admire
The cactus you rejected
has blossomed.

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