JOROMI - Poetry by Olowo Qudus

If taps are springs
If horses are kings
And if love is a taboo
Surely! I shall overcome them for you
I have seen the bridges and ridges
I mean the one that almost divided us
Worry not; for I will make Berger clear the edges
Have you heard the serenade o! Thus
It sounds like the playing fingers of Mozart
I will tell Da Vinci to make you my clip art
And Faraday shall electrify our heart

Joromi! I want you have me
Empty my dreams with your soul
And glue my spirit with your love roll
Like John, I will give you all of me

O! Joromi, come forth my bed
And I will make your pubic flow in red
I am a Kunta Kinte of less terror
You are guided, for I will be a Mandiko warrior
Oh! I will Shakespeare your body with sonnet
And I will paint your body into a brunette
Shhhhh…. Lie low
And let our rhythm flow

Potato! Potato!! Potato!!!
Slice my heart like tomato! Tomato!!
And let’s Mandela to Soweto
For you, I am drunk unto
Joromi! I shall whisper your name
Into the bizarre dark night
And night witches will go blind and lame
Let’s not war and let’s not fight

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