AFRICA: MY MOTHER, MY SOIL - Poetry by Lewis Wamwanda

I am the child of the soil, a patriot
Under the umbrella of mama Africa
Adorable and caring, mama Africa
I am a product of her beauty
And her diverse knowledge and wisdom

Africa, my pride, my soil
From the cultures across the continent
Rich culture, from generation to the next
That carry the mark of our communities
The pride and sense of belonging
From the north to the south

Did I forget about your beauty, mama?
The beauty of nature you carry?
The long rivers and the high mountains
The deep valleys and the wide lakes
The thick, green trees
That build our indigenous forests

Mama Africa, your love for wildlife
From the wild beasts in Kenya and Tanzania
The rare animals in the centre of your heart
These attractions like magnets
Your way of attracting visitors
Mama Africa, who I'm I to deny your love?  

Mama Africa, once again, I remember
The folksongs you taught us
That praise our culture, our diverse culture
The stories given to us, by our ancestors
That which we cling on, that which we pass through
Mama, our rich traditions, our knowledge

Who I'm I not to be called the son of the soil?
Who I'm I to deny you Mama Africa?
You are rich, you made us rich
The mines, the gold and diamonds
Precious gift,
The ornaments, the soil and beauty
The rains and fertile lands
These are enough gifts Mama.

Mama Africa, My pride, My land
I am a proud son of the Land
Mama Africa has proven to be rich
Mama Africa has proven to be wise
The memories she keeps
Pumping them into our minds
And the generations to come
Mama Africa, you are my pride.

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