ETHNICITY AND CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA | Article by Olaseni Kehinde Precious

Nigeria is a country blessed with milk and honey. It enjoys equilibrium weather condition, soil good for farming, mineral resources as well as human resources to mention a few. With all these, Nigeria is expected to be a developed and industrialized nation with amazing developments that will amaze the whole world totally. However, reverse is the case as all sorts of atrocities and skullduggeries like decimation and killing, oppression, avarice, misappropriation of public funds, insecurity, favoritism, exploitation etc. have turned Nigeria to its haunt like a ghost. These horrible trends make us lag behind in all pillars of development and are brought about by corruption and supremacy of ethnicity and tribalism. 
In an attempt to revamp the nation for betterment, most people believe that corruption is the principle cause of Nigeria’s plight and its predicament without paying much attention to tribal and ethnic problems which can be racial, cultural and religious in nature. This ethnic issue is critical and more serious than it is taken by the majority. In fact, it is becoming interminable, has worsened and insuperable.

After the amalgamation in 1914, there seemed to be an occurrence of tribal crisis based on the numerous ethnicities that dominated the country, with and people of individual ethnic groups are striving for domination and supremacy of their respective ethnic group. This issue keeps yielding poor economic growth to the country daily due to the fact that different tribes dominate a particular locality. As a matter of undisputable fact, some even live together in the same compound. It is now considered being normal among several people dominating the state in such a way that the perpetrators consider their abject and deplorable perpetrations as an ideal and good heritage or legacy. They also see themselves as individuals who perceive the current situation of the country in a rightful manners simply because of the bad conventional belief being held by the citizens of the state and mostly, those who are victims of this bad act are somehow ignorant of their negative contribution to the economic and other development of the state.

This execrable act is being experienced in intensity because those who are crooks of this opprobrious crime refuse to see their manners as wanton practice, and therefore become judgemental. As a result of this, they believe that other people from a different tribe feel the same way towards them rather than mending their ways by engaging in activities that can bring about peace, unity, harmony and development in the country. They believe that there are some certain bad manners which people demonstrate and those can only be traced to a different ethnicity because they are accustomed to their own cultural heritage and traditions.

Furthermore, there is a stereotyping problem among people. Since a particular individual from a different ethnicity is not socially, politically or somewhat righteous and forthright, then the entire people of that same ethnic group will be wrongly categorised as equals. 
In as much as a person or some groups of people are patent and incorrigible liars, dirty and greedy people, then, all the members of that ethnicity are perceived to be birds of a feather that flock together.

After the 2019 Presidential election, there seemed to be a high rate of this act in which even the cultured youths who were supposed to be elites were victims. Facebook, which is considered to be the most popular social media platform, was dominated with several annoying and barbaric posts. People of different ethnic groups were antagonizing one another because the political victory of the new President of the country which was considered unfair and unacceptable. This shows the level of tribalism in the state and obviously denotes that if people don't mull it over and put an end to it, it will more gravely affect and impede the development of the nation than before and put the posterity in tougher problems.

As a result of tribal repugnance and vituperation, most Nigerians fail to allow inter-communal marriages. They believe marrying from another tribe is a taboo because of their mindset towards the culture, activities and a particular bad attitude of an individual who is a product or a member of such group. This has resulted into several broken relationships and love crisis in different families. Relationships of years collapsed under this crucial factor and several heartbreaking issues occur as a result of the tribal perception of victims' parents and even at times, it's not just the belief of the parents, rather, the entire family.


...if people don't mull it over and put an end to it,
it will more gravely affect and impede the development of the nation than before and put the posterity in tougher problems.


Also, tribalism is one of the reasons why it is terribly hard for Nigeria as a country to develop politically because tribe is considered as a primary factor for voting. Citizens no longer visualize a better Nigeria by emphasizing their franchise appropriately by electing a leader who shares their vision and can reify political plans inasmuch as they are of the same ethnicity. The factor of political competency is no longer considered as one of the vital factors of choosing a political leader, political manifestos and debates are being held with leniency since tribe is the major importance to the citizens which gives room to bad governance and ineffective administration.

However, Nigerian citizens should realise that in order to have a better, peaceful and developed economy. We need to unite and unanimously seek a way forward for solving the problem of economy that is currently facing our nation rather than intensifying what cannot provide any solution. Rather than developing  and exacerbating the crisis and encountering negative occurrences, we should create room for economic amity and coexistence among us and deviate from the stereotyping mindset towards one another which is worsening our challenges and hindering the progress of dear country.

Moreover, it can be assertively and categorically affirmed that ethnicity and corruption are the major impediments of Nigeria progress and development. Most especially, the issue of ethnicity should be tactically dealt with because it is beheld as small fry among the challenges facing Nigeria. 


We need to unite and unanimously seek a way forward for solving the problem of economy that is currently facing our nation rather than intensifying what cannot provide any solution.


In conclusion, the elites should educate the non-elite proletariat regarding how imperative this issue of is and how it is enormously affecting the system. They should give them prodding and  encourage them to deviate from such rather than being part of it.
As we all know that Education is the best legacy, those who pass through the learning channels should make themselves available in making impact in the life of the less privilege by educating those who don't or have no clarity about the endangering act ongoing in the country.

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