The theme for the SHORT STORY DAY AFRICA PRIZE 2019 by Short Story Day Africa has been announced and theme is DISRUPTION and the Prize welcomes short fiction of between 3000 and 5000 words.

The prize was founded in 2013, and is open to any African citizen or African person living in the diaspora, as well as persons residing permanently (granted permanent residence or similar) in any African country.

The prize awards a total of $1,100 to winners will open on 1st, June 2019 and closes on 31st October 2019.

Previous winners of the prestigious prize include Tochukwu Emmanuel Okafor, Sibongile Fisher, Cat Hellisen, Diane Awerbuck and Okwiri Oduor

Their description of this year's theme DISRUPTION is

Floods. Wildfires. Oceans of plastic. Chemical rivers. Melting ice caps. The polar vortex. Storms during the dry season. Extreme heat. Drought. The climate is changing, the environment becoming ever more hostile in humanity’s hands.

We’re in the throes of inner and social maelstroms, caught up in the ever-growing warning quakes of social media activism and rising floods of anxiety. Torn between our dependence on fossil fuels and the desire to create sustainable tech with the power to save us.

We want your stories of change, protest, destruction, adaptation, disruption and [re]creation. Stories that explore how changing climates affect us, our adaptations to the environment, and the innovations that bring us hope.

In 2019, Short Story Day Africa is seeking short fiction exploring disruption, especially but not limited to climate and environ[mental] disruption.


disruption collage.png

Visit HERE for submission details or click the image above.

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