ENSLAVED | Poetry by McGregorPoet

A moment of silence
Then twenty one gun salute for our legends
Legends whom had visions and ambitions

Harambe was your slogan then
Led by the spirit of nyayoism
We celebrate you, but how we doing it 
We were free but let's say it was then

I'm a remnant restored in a neo-colonial era
Era of 'fraudsters' and 'gangsters'
Internal attack from the high economy 
Mr Politician, my worst enemy

I'm a victim, of a big team 
A team enslaved by 'them' 
I'm a captive in my own land 
I'm afraid for 'they' will chop of my head

Justice was our shield and defender 
But today 'they' are self-centered 
Justice has turned to injustice 
I'm enslaved, in my own parliament

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