PROCRASTINATION | Poetry by Jhose Emriz Gracioux | Chronicles

Here comes the last phase of this beautiful 31
days Poetry, it's a message and maybe a poem.
Am dedicating this one to
"Every tommorow Sayers"

Ladies and gentlemen, did you know procrastination has a synonym?
The synonym for this word is, "Go-Cast-The-Nation". It's a fact paraphrased by
me, but not globally proven. When two or more persons are involved in this act of procrastinating, they're killing the main thing.

Procrastination is a killer while doing it at the right time is a healer. But choosing the wrong time is worse off.
Procrastination has killed dreams, it has a gun, a knife, a spear and a sword, fighting against our world.

Procrastination is the act of postponing, delaying or putting aside special things, important plans and amazing ideas due to our own laziness.
Your life is heading for sorrow if you keep saying 'tomorrow'.

The time is now, make it count
Why don't you realize the time has no discount?

Have you noticed the night is faster than the day, have you asked why?
It is because, the time you find urself sleeping is almost two times faster than the time you find yourself working. You slept by 12 a.m in the midnight hours, here we go, it's already dawn (6:00a.m)
Oh! You yelled, what a short night.
You find yourself working during the 12 noon hours, before 6pm you're already exhausted and tired . You feel like you worked additional hours.
From these you can tell, the night is faster than the day, whatever you do with your time, always worth the pay.
The best way to procrastinate is to relax. But if you'll kill procrastination, you must surely advance.
Start with a step, don't say 'in 30 minutes time I'll do it'. The little minutes you fold your hands and relax, boom!! twenty minutes is gone, the 10minutes will be too small for that preparation.

Definitely, you're the definition of procrastination and people like you, are killing our nation.
TIME is the factor, while you're procrastinating, each and every tick of the seconds, minutes and the hours that pass, is the dream you're watching to cast.

Start now and Stop this attitude of procrastinating. The time is now make it count, you've wasted so much of it by saying tomorrow forgetting, so many troubles and sorrows awaiting.
Don't say tomorrow on that dream, that idea, that plan.
Don't forget we just shouted HAPPY NEW YEAR, but as it stands now, January is gone.

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