I HAVE A FRIEND | Article by Adewara Joses

Let me tell you of a friend, one who was a mere acquaintance in the previous month. Our relationship evolved from acquaintanceship into friendship just after a lengthy discussion on our first contact. I was hypnotised by his high level of intellectualism as seasoned words were gushing out of his mouth, I was no longer in control of my head, as I was just nodding constantly to every sentence and clause he uttered. I didn't allow a second thought before making him my friend - it's certain no one would not want to make friends with intellects.

I regard him as a genius, because he knows all mysteries - of things that have been and things to come. His mouth is as a perfume as he attracts listeners once he starts speaking. Winning the heart of ladies is a duty he observes daily, as he carves and polishes his words skillfully, within few minutes he is done, getting a "YES" response. His brain is twice older than himself, because every word of his mouth is a definition of wisdom.

We have many motivational speakers and writers out there, but none of them can stand to rival him. He knows the best word for every mood and situation, and he doesn't disappoint with his illustrations. Talk of politics, academics, leadership, finances and businesses, he is always full of ideas. I could have regarded him as omniscient, but he isn't God; I could have mistaken him to be an angel, but he has his imperfections - he too is human.

Here is an irony about this friend of mine who seem to be complete and void of flaws. Despite his highly admired level of wisdom, he is so slack and slothful in demonstrations. He is wealthy of speech, but slack in character. He is so talented in motivations, whereas he has never been motivated by any of his own motivational speeches. He could be so good in choosing suitable and fashionable dresses for his friends, but he is just a bit better than a functioning mechanic, in appearance.
He is that man who corrects and chastises immoral acts in the society, but within him, Mr. Devil has a throne. He encourages people to be hardworking and committed, yet he has never lived without being in debts. He has a tongue full of words and abstract actions. A man with a beautiful mouth, but ugly hands.
I covet his brain, I covet his lips, but I do not pray to have a similar hand as his.

...corrects and chastises immoral acts in the society, but within him, Mr. Devil has a throne

Aren't there people with similar characteristic as this man - greater or lesser?
Before you judge him, check yourself.

Words are easier said, but, actions are difficult to perform. It's so sweet to see people running their mouths and boast of things, whereas, they have no good thing to show forth in their lifestyles. This article has come with an illustration of a man, regarded as 'friend'. I hope you'll get something to learn from it.

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