THE ENCOUNTER | Chronicle by Smith Legrande

The night had drawn deep. The silence sung melodiously in his ears, the breeze cooled the tiny room from the open window. The candle had blown off, he felt like looking for an alternative source of light but he was scared of the darkness that had covered the sky. Seated on the creaky couch he heard a voice from outside, he thought it was his mares that had started earlier before he had retired to be. 
Again he heard the voice; he felt it was no more fantasy he had to face the reality.
This time he had no choice, but to get up and see what it could be. Mose walked carefully to the door, he didn't want the source of the voice to get know of his movements, he bent to the key hole so that he could give his eyes a  view of the dark night. He stood still but the voice persisted though he could not see clearly who the person was, he felt he was man enough and decided to open the door despite being scared.

He could not believe what came to his sight. You say you've seen beautiful women, those of dignity with a fine figure and the kinda women who treat men like that would be their last day, but have you had a chance to witness this charm? Maybe she swallowed a magnet and that's why he was attracted to her, may be. The magnetic fields attracted that stronger, the bonds became unbreakable, though he could only think of her, she was out of his sight again. He felt she went back to the goddess.

He went back into his room, left the door unlocked. He wondered once more ‘what an encounter he had.’.He memorized what he saw,a voice like that of a parrot, she had a clean, heart-shaped face with soft green eyes, slim and not too tall. He thought, could she be the girl next door? The one he wanted to ask her name though he couldn't really phrase his question better.Her brown hair was twisted up into a pony-tail. He drew his attention back to his cell phone...She was invisible. He wondered, she was more than invisible. When something is invisible you at least notice that there is an empty space there. If she was ugly he could have noticed her. If she was beautiful he could have noticed her. Tall or short, heavy or skinny, if there was anything distinguishable about her he would have noticed her. 
The problem was that she was not in the least bit noticeable. She was a heaping mound of mediocrity whose very presence would have screamed "don't notice me," except that screaming like that attention.So maybe she's sorta hot and sorta not, but something about her fascinated him.Mose wasn't quite sure what it was about her, but he  found himself unable to stop looking....

"Come on man, let's keep moving, we still have a longer way to go!"Suddenly, Mose got interrupted, it was faustin  his long time friend whom they had gone through thick and thin with, they'd crossed oceans, at one time life made them fly up to meet The most high but to no vain.Unlike Mose, Faustine was taller and much built, his eyesight was sharp and he was quick in movement. " What's the time?" Mose asked, "it's past noon and we're not yet halfway the journey,"Faustine answered with a low tone.The two strangers who became brothers walked for a while without uttering a word to each other.
 Faustine was deep in thoughts,he remembered how he met Mose,on the other hand Mose too was still memorizing how he came to meet the love of his life. Faustine was a young boy hardly ten years old when the Arabs attacked their home and his parents dragged into the moving houses, truely blood is thicker than water, his mother never wanted to let him go though the Arabs were really harsh, he witnessed his mother defiled and stabbed severally on the chest before being thrown into the deep waters.Tears were rolling down his cheeks though Mose realised it not. He had to flee for his safety and stayed for weeks without food or water, when hunger overpowered him he had to seek refuge in some home, where he narrated his story to the people he found there and they housed him.

After his stay for a while he met Mose and they became friends, they could play together and did actually everything together.They became more than friends, more than brothers, they were the pillars of unity that stood in the village.
The sun was high and scorching, the two grew tired and thirsty, they had eaten nothing since their journey began, no water, no food, no money but even if they could have had money there was nowhere to buy food."should we have a rest please,"suggested Mose,Faustine looked at him in disgust and said no word.They were nearly approaching a stream when Mose heard a cry of a baby in a bush nearby, Faustine heard nothing, just like a hyena put between a flock of sheep, he was confused by the presence of the cool water and the breeze from the stream, he sped off not knowing Mose was left far behind.

Slowly Mose walked near the bush where he heard the cry, he was walking so keenly that even a monster could hear his steps not but the fears which had inundated him, you could hear his heart beat,"How can such a small baby be left in this lonely place like this, some women are in human, no some people are not human enough, or is it a blessing fro God, yes...maybe this might be the story of Moses, so I'll save the King's life,"he said to himself and giggled.He made his way into the bush, it was such a tender baby maybe a day old, wrapped in some soft linen, placed under a tall tree.
 By it was a pink babyshowl and a feeding bottle. Mose stood still for a moment and wondered who brought the baby there. He looked around him, looked up the tree, inside the thick bush but could see no one. He walked closer and noticed a note under the baby's head. He took it and read it holding his breath."I love you my little angel, may God protect you in the next world you'll be, if you happen to be eaten by the jackals, your blood shall be on my head, if it happens you're rescued and you survive please don't remember me, Iam such a useless mum, Iam such inhuman, circumstances have forced me to abandon you...I love you, your unkind mum"read the note. Mose was confused, he wondered by what circumstances would make a mother abandon her baby....
"This place seems to be good for cultivation." Faustine said hurrying down the stream,"Let's take water and relax under the shade for a while longer,so as to refresh ourselves once again"He thought Mose was right following him.Though his questions weren't answered, he thought his friend was very tired to answer him, he went by the bank, bent and washed his hands, he washed his face and took water by his palms, he was lost in the refreshment for a moment before he turned and saw no one around him. He was worried about Mose's whereabouts, He was shaking in fears, his body washed in sweat, he wondered where his brother had gone, he took his bag which had everything he called his, put it on his soldier and walked upstream looking in between the tall grasses hoping to see Mose. 
He stood at some point, maybe his intelligence had it that it was the last point they lost the touch with Mose. He looked deep into the thick forest but could see no one.Tears rolled his cheeks, he held his face down, dropped his bag and his knees couldn't stand his weight anymore, he remembered his past, how his parents passed on, how hard life had been, he imagined losing his closest person again. He felt he was not good to live, he though the hungry hyenas would come from nowhere and eat up his undeserving body. As he was battling his condition he heard trods, he looked up with his teary eyes, it was Mose!
He felt weak to talk, he felt weak to stand, he was worried about where his friend had gone."What's wrong with you? why are you crying like a child?,what's this all about?"Mose was holding his breath while talking to his friend, he sat by him consoling him. When everything was right Mose narrated his story, the story about the little angel...

They decided to walk back to the scene, Mose was racing ahead, Faustine following at a closer range. Faustine too was in deep thoughts, he wondered what could have led to the little baby getting dumped in such a lonely place.The two reached the spot, Mose showed his partner the way into the thick bushes, he led him straight under the tree where he left the baby.
He was getting closer to the scene when he heard a cry deep into the forest, on a closer look he saw, the shoal and the note but the baby was missing, he signaled Faustine and they ran after the cry.They were getting deep into the thick forest though the cry was getting deeper too.The two felt so tired.They remembered how long their journey had been and how longer they still needed to walk.They sat for a moment staring at each other like strangers.Faustine looked at his wrist watch, he gazed at Mose for a moment his lips suggesting a word, looked back to his watch, held Mose's hands and pulled him up.

"All is well with it...God had his plans, forget it and let's keep moving" Faustine told him. Mose was so emotional, his heart was heavy, his ears chirred, he could totally hear nothing, his vision blurred, knees were weak, all he saw was the little baby's face. Bitter tears dropped, he felt hatred of himself, though Faustine was trying to keep him calm, he could not bare the pains of losing such a precious gift from the one above.

They decided to let go the past and keep on their way.

The sun shone so bright,light penetrating through the thick bushes.They made their way out the bush,hurriedly they walked downstream,Mose held his breath, he was struggling to catch up with Faustine whose steps were much wider than his.No one talked to each other.Mose who had forgotten his crave for the cool water,jumped across the stream,something inside him told him to take the water,he bent low,took water with his shaking hands,washed his face then took a huge gulp.
The water refreshed his thoughts, he was still bent and lost into the cool waters,when Faustine shook his shoulders and shouted "Hey you!what are you still doing here?I have walked that long just to realize you weren't at my back!"So surprised Mose turned and ran to catch up with the speeding Faustine." Let's speed off or else we might be forced to sleep with the predators,"Faustine said.

"So tell me,how did you get to know about the baby?" Asked Faustine.Mose looked up,he seemed to utter a word but instead his lips played with no sound.He had his face down,nodded and signalled his Friend to keep moving.

It was getting late in the evening and they had to hurry so that they could get a place to sleep in the nearby town.Mose's phone rang,he took it out from his handbag. It was Wamlambez the managing director of Manu  Mining Company who had promised to secure them a chance to work as guards in the Company.

"It is getting late,you promised to be here by noon what happened?" Wamlambez asked through the phone call.
"Sorry sir!we're on our way, about to reach Malumbwi Town,our journey was made long.We'll explain much when we'll be there.Am sorry" Mose answered.
"We need to hurry off,Wamlambez might consider us not serious for the offer" Mose told his partner after the phone call as they sped off.

They were almost approaching the town when a motorist,sped off and hit a young boy crossing the road, "Weeei!he killed him,he killed him!" Shouted Faustine. There was no one at the scene,only the two brothers and the dying boy,the motorist had not stopped,he sped off to avoid the angry mob which he thought would have burnt his car to ashes.
"What will we do now?Wamlambez will soon call,it is getting late too..." Mose whispered."Let's take him to the hospital and proceed"said Faustine, "but how are we going to carry him there?" Questioned Mose.Faustine thought for a moment,then waved a car down.Fortunately the car stopped. He ran to the window and explained everything to the driver.

At first he thought Faustine was one of the gang which had been a serious problem in Manu.Though he agreed to help but he wasn't that at ease.They carried the sick boy into the van.At last the driver agreed to take the boy to the hospital by himself,the two had to continue with their journey.
They were almost approaching the company's gate when Wamlambez called,he was furious of the two,he barked at Faustine on the phone call.Faustine tried his best to explain what had encountered their journey. They approached the security guard who seemed not to bother their stories,"excuse me sir,we would like to see the CEO Mr Wamlambez..." Enquired Mose.

"The offices closed at three o'clock,no one is allowed to enter the premises at this time,kindly come back tomorrow..."
Faustine interrupted before he could finish his statement,"We've talked to him and he has allowed us in"
"Ooh you're the people I was informed would be here by noon?" Asked the security guard.
 replied Mose.

The guard opened the gate and gave them a visitors book to sign,he frisked them of any weapon or any illegal stuffs that they might have been in possession of.
He showed them the way to Wamlambez office.

From a distance they saw Wamlambez open his classy,grey Mercedes Benz A class,he was about to enter the car when his phone rang,he looked up as he picked the call and saw the two brothers walking towards him,the call seemed not much important to him,he hanged up.

"So tell me young men,you took the whole day  to make it here?What happened?"
Faustine  Was about to talk,When Wamlambez ordered them to get into the vehicle.He drove them to his house,a few kilometers from the town.

His house was a palace between the suburbs,his mansion was built with   perfections.He had a perimeter wall that no intruder would easily get into the compound.He had a larger compound covered in nicely trimmed green grass,at the edges of the lawn were flowers of different colours,the compound was treated with much care.

At the back of the bungalow was a swimming pool,Mose and his Friend walked in admiration around the compound. 
 They came to the car park,they were amazed by the progress of their boss,he had a number of luxurious machines,Maybe he would close his eyes in the morning and pick a key from the numerous and that would be his drive for the day,truly Wamlambez was blessed.

They sat by the carpark talking about life,
Mose remembered a poem he had from his late mother:

Turn by turn it is a cycle,
Turned upside down,
It is a circle,
You can't notice when it is changed,

From the east to far west,
North to thataway south,
You can't neither tell the start nor the end,
Blessings flowing flowing,
Hatred growing growing,
Love fading.

Between the chimney and the smoke,
Between the fire and the wood,
In between the matchstick and the matchbox,
There lies a soul,
A soul that dreams the worst,
Thinks no better of the future between the two.

Crawling and jumping,
Gliding and slithering,
Walking and running,
Flying and swimming,
The destiny still lies,
Life is a cycle of turns!
Faustine listened keenly as Mose narrated the piece,this made them hope for the best from the troublous life they had lead before.

It was already dark,the lamps lit brightly with a blend of colours around the compound, Wamlambez was busy in the gym.
He was busy fighting the excess fat,high per tension,diabetes and other circulatory related infections.

He saw 'his boys' from the window chit charting,he called them and showed them the way to the shower,"you can do swimming if you would mind,the pool at the end is warm"

Mose didn't believe,from a heard boy and now he was   about to swim in the warm pool,though life seemed unfair still,he was still a servant to the 'lords' and the next morning he was to report to duty.

A car hooted at the gate,the security guard ran to open the gate,they watched the grey Rangerover drive to the parking slot,a middle aged lady walked out,she was in a white dress,her hair was curled,        

Acorn iris,with almost invisible eyelids
Her nose was the star to her face,
It stuck like a pinch of mud made into a beak
With a such glittering ring,her skin was chocolate tanned, it took the time for the two to study her,

She was neither tall nor short,
her curves and edges,she had a perfect body shape,it seemed she had a good sense of clothing too,but was it list that was roaming their minds? Or was it the reality they spoke?

She opened the back door of the vehicle and two children jumped from the car,it was Wamlambez's wife.she was back from work

The next day,the two brothers woke up earlier,they took the delicious breakfast prepared by Wamlambez's wife.They were about to open a new chapter,a chapter tha  wlcould change their lives for good or not.
Wamlambez drove them to the company,they were posted to their respective positions.
Happiness filled their faces.They were about to begin the life they'd longed for!

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