WHAT IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES? | Poetry by Praise Okwuchi

What if tomorrow never comes?
What if you do not have the opportunity
to see your love ones again?
What if you can't love twice?
What if you have only today to grow?
What if tomorrow never comes?

What if today is your only chance?
To reconcile your past with your present?
What if you haven't danced your best dance,
And today decides to steal a glance?
There might be no tomorrow to celebrate mass,
Why can't you choose today to be nice?
I ask again, what if tomorrow dies?

What if today you save nine,
Owing no one a fine?
What if you steal into time,
And appreciate life, not giving a damn?
What if you heal today?
Settling the pains of the mind,
Waving those tears away.

What if you act upon today,
Not giving space to delay?
What if you trust everyday?
I assure you peace, come what may.
What if tomorrow never comes,
What will you do with your today?

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