THE PITEOUS CHILD | Poetry by Ahmad Muhammad Jamiu

They are the almajiris
And homeless boys roaming and wandering around the streets
Striving hard for their living
Who flounder to survive
They are children with piteous eyes on them
Though they are homeless but not hopeless
But whatever hope is yours none is theirs
Since they had no one to hold on to
They snug around, looking for a place to pass the night
They laid down their cardboard beds on stinks till sun calls on them
When it’s the day, they park their belongings and move on with their life
Begging and pleading for a daily bread
They have, but no one to cater for them
Those who are to care for them are there doing nothing 
But busy looting the country's money
They care not about them but their children
And they are nothing but the political animals
Using any means to gain power
They care not about the means but the end
Though we are voiceless, not lifeless
We will surely bring about the changes 
We will inspire the homeless to become hopeful
Tell us if we are not part of your existence?
Or we are in the world of riches only?

Wait! Tomorrow shall tell 
That we are the future
When we will be leading and
your children following 
We will be at the top and your children at the bottom.

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