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You ever thought of the really strange things people do in order to get or make money in life, be rich and have a comfortable life where there are financially stable and can command things to happen with just a snap of their finger or a swipe on their mobile devices.
What if you were told that there is an online press that wishes for the thoughts running in your head about how funny people could be just to keep the lights on right now?

They’re looking for fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and other art forms that discuss the weird (or normal) things people do (or don’t do) to make money (keep the lights on).


Fiction and Nonfiction/Essay:

Please submit work up to 3,000 words in length. Flash submissions accepted. Please submit only one piece at a time, though if you are sending flash you may send up to three. Double spaced, Times New Roman or a similar font preferred. 


In a single document, feel free send up to five poems, no more than ten pages. Single spaced, Times New Roman or a similar font preferred. 


Feel free to send any sort of creative work you have, whether it be a photo essay, a short documentary, comics, etc. If it doesn't fall under one of the categories above, you can probably share it here. 

In the body of your email, please include: 

  1.  A short (100 words) cover letter  
  2. A third person bio, also short (50 words; include your full name or whatever you would like to be addressed as) 
  3. Your submission as a .docx or .pdf file attachment
  4. Your Twitter, Instagram, website, etc. (anything that applies).

Simulteanous submissions but they demand to know if or not this is done

They do not accept previously published works. 

Ensure that your email subject informs them of what is being submitted. (e.g. Fiction Submission - "Title of Work")  and email it to


Check out their website through HERE

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