PROSTITUTION IS A CHOICE | Chronicles by | Poetry by Henty Happiness| PROSTIFESSIONAL SERIES

Everyone, entitled to their opinion
Prostitution, I must say is a choice
'Yes' could always be your reply to the call
But now I plead ye to listen to me as I make my oratory with a bleeding heart

There were days where sex was considered holy
Where the pride of our young women laid in their virginity
But as earth evolved, our pride evolved with it
The legacy once held at high esteem was blown off the minds of our young ones
Surfacing PROSTIfession,
It's no birth bringing an end to a culture formerly respected

I was once like you,
given the chance to hustle the right way
But I chose the wrong path taking pains with temporary gains
Heed to my words and shield them in your heart
Ne'er allow your young minds to be jailed by ignorance

Now I sob in regret,
My future gambled away by deceitful acts
Wishing I could erase the mess I caused
But it's too late 'cause the disease I live with serves as a momento,
Reminding me of my non-servile attitude
Prostitution may be a choice, but it's never the right choice


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