NOTHINGMAN-ETERNAL | Poetry by Kushal Poddar

Inside this open zoo of birds all exotic 
we meet an intruder crow,
a nothing bird, common man midst the Eternals,
a voice heard in dreams just before
awakening makes them metallic, languor.

You hold my arm as if I am not the one needs 
to be protected today, as if I am the keeper 
of all birds at the origin of the gardens, 
not a nothing man who returns home 
because there he will repent, leave and be guarded.

I murmur to the crow, from one nothing 
to another- ‘Flow. Don’t fly, flow.’
The way I catch the daily trains, not by running, 
commuting but by dreaming again and again.
We make the specials special, Eternals exotic, 
Gods Gods, pleasures joy, sadness grief.

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