MATRIMONIAL SLAVE | Poetry by Agbaje Opeyemi Esther

A beautiful woman she has become 
Awesomely unique body she has attained 
Radiant in sexiness is her appearance 
Like a peacock admired everyday
Sweet in her elegant kindness the world states
Mouth dripping for her realness so are men
The world revolving around her picturesqueness
For the future she has ultimately considered 
Her ambition from afar she has excitedly admired
A happy home she has silently pictured
Then you came with your affections 
With you she thought she has found happiness 
As you showed her love and care to the core
I'm one in a million to him she had said
Taking her to the Altar you had promised
You made her a woman all thanks to you 
But as she steps into your house her happiness flew
For the King she thought you were was never true
Punching bag you turned her to
Every morning you exercise your fist on her 
Giving her such horrible fatness on the face
For a beast you have become 
Her ambition you have tarminated
You made her a full house wife forcefully 
Her joy you've totally eradicated 
For decisions in her home she cannot make
Sorrow and sadness are her everyday pills
She felt like a chained slave in her home
A matrimonial slave I am so she cried out
This I never prayed for and wouldn't wish for my enemy she had said

Men please treat your woman like a queen not slave that's all we ask

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