I KILLED MY FRIEND - Poetry by Margaret Waweru Wairimu

With tears in my eyes 
I write this letter 
Hoping that my heart feels better 
And that the regrets and guilt will be lesser 

So, I met Jude last week
He was so happy and jovial 
So full of life 
Or so I thought

He told me to write him a poem 
About his beautiful picture 
And I did 
I can't forget how grateful he was
And I was glad to put a smile on his face 

I saw his text in the group
He said he was leaving 
I thought it was a joke 
So I made fun of it and brushed it off my head 
A decision I regret till now 

I didn't reach out 
I didn't try to find out why 
I didn't know how hurt he was 
I didn't know the agony he was going through 
I didn't know that he had lost hope 
I didn't realize he was dying 
I didn't realize that I was letting him die 

I let my friend down 
Now I wake up to a message of his death 
He was found cold in his room 
He died alone with no one on his side 
I let him die a lonely death 
How will I live with myself 
I am a murderer

I can't even comment on his death announcement
If I comment with a REST IN PEACE
His face will stare back at me 
and call me a murderer
I can't take this guilt 
I just let him slip away 
I'm shattered 
I don't know what to do.

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