I had a dream of coming out to be standard
But dark thoughts of wealth and fame came on!!!
How do I make it?
The Streets?
“What a mistake!!!”
My first night was a scream from behind me,
It was not my turn!
A scared soul walking through the den of prostitutes,
Holding unto my personality, I'm a big girl, I can’t join the wagons.
Fighting the life of a hustler,
Who is behind me?
Finally, a mistress in the game came and made my acquintance
Suddenly, I ate meat and drank wine of my mistress
I fell into the devil’s coven, I fell into a deep sh*t
I stood and my father’s age came horning at me for $10,000 per night
My life would change in my country
I exclaimed
$10,000!!!! I could give a try
I would stop after now,
I would stop tomorrow,
After cash comes procrastination,
Tomorrow comes, I would stop the next day,
A day turned to a week,
Weeks to months
Months to year
Year to years
I became an victim of an ailment,
Addicted, lost by lust of money, I  became an advent and friend of prosti-fessionalism.
Yea,I gave myself to it!

Do you know during the process of prosti_fessional shape shifting, there's no going back?
A mind made up is a mind made up
What are your thoughts on this?

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