HE LEFT COZ I WAS A VIRGIN - Poetry by Dominique Mthembu

He came to us
He looked extremely handsome you know
My idea of a boyfriend.
He greets the group but then looks at me and asks to have a private conversation with me
As we walk from the group my heartbeat changes from walking to sprinting
We stop, but my heartbeat is still sprinting right through my chest.
He smiles, then asks how am I, 
We talk and talk then he asks for my numbers which I give him
We then go to our different destinations 

I'm happy
Even the word happy is an understatement
Him and I, we've been talking, growing closer and closer
He's even mentioned the "L" word
Days turn to month and I couldn't be happier but my happiness ends when he asks me to come to his home

I'm happy that he's not ashamed of me
We reach his home and he gets us a snack, we chill but he says let's go talk in his room
We reach the room and sit on the bed, he starts touching me and saying he wants me
What's this guy talking about coz he has me?
He kisses my lips then down to my neck, next thing I know his hands are up my skirt
I stop him, he looks at me and I say 'No'
I don't want to, he asks 'Why?, am I doing it wrong?'
I reply that I'm still a virgin and I want it to remain that way till 21
He looks at me for the longest of times then tells me to leave.

I leave and we never talk ever again
I now walk into school and everyone laughs and points fingers at me
Why?. Coz I'm still pure?
Why is being pure wrong in this generation of ours
Boys leave after sex
Girls get pregnant at a young age cause of this 
Aren't these valid enough reasons for girls to wait till they old enough before giving it up
Why is it wrong to keep your virginity till you old enough?

He left me and made me a laughing stock at school just cause I was a virgin
But I still say being a virgin is a beautiful thing 
Our generation may not embrace it but I do embrace it
I do take pride in it
I am proud that I respected myself enough to wait.

Don't be ashamed being a virgin, it's a precious jewel.

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