I sat and I had some thoughts, they got me wandering far into another world to see the depths of things,

coming out of my reverie the first question that hit my subconscious mind was

What in particular is our future?


I see a nation, a gathering of youths, a set up of people mostly youths with a FUTURE without an AMBITIONS. No goals, visions or a heart that wants to work to fulfillment.

I see youths wasting away and yet they keep saying;

"I still have time let me enjoy while it last",

Please remember this time truly is not going anywhere in fact it is here as in here but the thing is 'WILL YOU STILL BE HERE?'


Why ruin your future because of your wants and worldly pleasure?

Where is the generation that can stand firm against obstacles?

A generation that can say I do not have to be like the world?

I can be different, a generation that will never accept the IF I CAN'T, BEAT THEM, I WILL JOIN THEM' saying?


They are nowhere to be found, or are they?


When I find myself in the gathering of youths and even teens, asking who their 'Role models' are?,

you hear names of people who have nothing to show except WEALTH and FAME, no INTELLIGENCE, no INSPIRING acts.


I shake my head and ask

'If you are a Mother or Father with the right orientation will you be proud of a child that calls OLAMIDE,WIZKID,BOBRISKY, TIWA SAVAGE, NICKI MINAJ, CARDI BI their role models?


Judge yourself and yet this people are influencing our lives, ruining youthful purposes in their own ways and still we wish to be like them,

we want to live like them and we want to enjoy like like them without thinking of our purpose/Future.


We see youths who call themselves LEADERS OF TOMORROW behave like FAILURES OF TODAY how will they lead tomorrow?

How do we make exploits when we do not have a FUTURE to think of again.


I shed tears for the unseen dangerous circumstances lurking at our backs, bitter tears, sorrowful groanings!


Youths remember everyone has a purpose and the worst mistake one can make is to come into the world and let the cold hands of death snatch you away without fulfilling your purpose you are successfully lived a STARK FAILURE.


Do you still have a future?
or are they on the path of ruins? Think!!!

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