I wasn't always like this

I was once an innocent petite virgin Mary, meek and mild
Then I was a little child
A little wild
A bucket full of lofty dreams and ambitions
But all that lasted for a little while

News- Blood- Crash
Everything was gone in a flash
No one dared to help me
No one dared to save me
Everyone left me
For once I saw life clearly

Then came sweet Uncle Luke
He didn't look and leave
But cleaved unto me like a rock with cleavage
He talked, touched and cajoled
My body was a cheap price to pay to appear on his pay roll
He row..row..rowed my boat
Gently till he streamed
The forbidden fruit tasted sweet
And now I am it's tree
A tree of the knowledge of just pure evil

Then came the rushing sea of men
Seeking a place to dispose their rushing semen
Little me was wanted by the men in command
Opportunity cost, I was in high demand
My body was my greatest miracle
My money making machine and sensual oracle

I am the bridge to hell
Between my thigh lies hail
Liquid flames that consumes a man and drowns him in his thirst
He will come back for more
Yearning like never before

I am the midnight guest
My body is their temple and they will prey on my alter tonight
I don't need the seat of their wives
Ha!!! I sit on their lives

I am addiction
Queen of seduction
The more they look, the more they die to see
The more they die within
The more they dine with me
Death had never tasted sweet until they buried themselves in me

And yes
I am a slut, a whore and whatever name you may think as a whole
Wait a minute before you throw stones
Who then grace my throne?
A cynical society who forsake its morals in broad day light
And sneak into cabins of the immorals at night

Are prostitutes proud of their profession?
Maybe yes outwardly, but no inwardly.
Any thoughts?

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