I'm Kikilade Okonkwo also known as Kiki. I would like you to know me better so I'm putting up a little write-up about myself.

My dad was my hero, motivation and strength, whenever I achieved anything below average, he uses this; should I call it advice or adage?
"put your best in whatsoever you do so you can get the best out of it''
this was his most used clause to motivate me, little did he know that I would grow up using that clause in the negative.
I am the only child of my parents Dr. and Barr. (Mrs) Okonkwo who both lost their lives in a fatal autocrash in the early hours of the 18th day of March, 2004. It was few days after my 8th birthday celebration.
I was the sole heir to my parents property. Unfortunately, none of them anticipated their death so they wrorote no will. As norms would have it, in the African tradition, a female child is seen as one who is unworthy to manage any family property, so my dad's unlearned family shared his wealth leaving me with nothing.
After the funeral, Uncle Ben, my dad's youngest brother took me in to live with his family while he ran my dad's conglomerate. It was so rosy, for the first three months that I had no cause to remember the horror that had hit me. Things gradually changed from rosy to bruising. I got enrolled in a public school which had no facilities compared to my previous school.

At 8, I did all the possible chores anyone could do in a domestic apartment. From washing of dishes to cleaning all the rooms, rest rooms and down to expanding everyone's wears. Despite all these, dad's advice kept me going and I couldn't let him down especially in my academics so I resorted to reading at night.

By age 13, pubertal effects started playing it's game and Uncle Ben was no longer satisfied with his beautiful but wicked wife anymore. He needed a fresh meat so he started making advances at me. I resisted his advances till he threatened to pull me out of the public school to sell pepper in a close by market. I loved school so much and I really wanted to get the best grades to make my late parents proud so I couldn't afford not attending school anymore.
He had his way and we got involved. This continued for so long that I lost my self esteem, jovial nature and I also couldn't concentrate on academics anymore. I failed my Senior Secondary College Examinations (SSCE) and my world came crashing down. I was now an expert in satisfying uncle's sexual desire. This made me join an escort business where I did it for money and not just to satisfy someone's desire.

At age 19, I had made so much that I left his house for my own apartment. Sex became an addiction, that I couldn't stay a night without a man warming me hard.

Dad's most used adage made me perfect this addiction of mine. I gave my very best to my clients and that made me the most preferred hooker by the clients. They bid for me more than other escort service providers, but, I naturally would only follow the highest bidder.
Sex has eaten deep into me that I doubt if I can stay without it. YES I am a prostitute by profession and I am sold out to my job.

You were proclaiming love for me because you never knew these about me.
Do you still love this damaged girl?, dear lover boy!

For the records my dearest Jeremy, I sincerely love you, but a hooker like me is damaged beyond repair. Once a hooker always a hooker.
Go find some perfect lady out there and fall inlove with. Someone who you can trust your heart, soul and rod to. I may suffer, but I'd live.

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