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We have decided to organize an anthology to cognize Children's Day, the day set aside for those of tomorrow and thus we've named our anthology the same and we implore all artists (literary) to please give their all to this as surely, 'it will be read sometimes in the future'.

We want poems centered on how to make 'TOMORROW BETTER FOR THOSE OF TOMORROW', the kids we see today: the poor ones and the ones born with silver spoons; 
the oppressed ones who have little or no right to enjoy and those who don't bother about rights because they've got affluent parents; the kids in Palestine, Syria, Chibok, Iraq/n who've lost their gay life to the war caused not by them but others and those who've never lived to experience what war is, the kids who're educated and those who know nothing other than how to fish/farm or something other than that

Tell us with your works:

  • -What can be done
  • -What should be stopped
  • -What should be created
  • -What should be ruled-out of our system (politically, socially or economically and so) and finally but most importantly,
  • -How to create a better future for the ones of tomorrow.

We shall be compiling our top one hundred (100) poems and making an anthology out of this (of which one shall be read at every Art-Mesh program) which shall be fully edited (might as well be made in paper-back -but no promises).


  • -Send a mail to with the subject title as 'ENTRY FOR TO THOSE OF TOMORROW (anthology)'
  • -Ensure that your social media handles (Facebook and Twitter most preferably) are included therein and include a short bio (in the third person)


  • -We wish to see thought-provoking poems that challenge the way everyday people think about creating a future
  • -Ensure your poems are not more than 25 lines (feel free to be creative with your style, you're artistic anyways)
  • -We shall be ruling out any works that do not include both the correct subject title and social media details (notify us in the mail if you do not use any social media networks)


August 1st, 2019


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