I DIED BEFORE LIVING - Poetry by Eugizy

We had dated for some weeks,
I think I had not known her well,
But I knew her name and what made her weak,
That was the gate pass to her well,
The sweetness to the peak
I think we toured heaven and now we in hell

Love in the air,
Lust in the breath,
The warmth in our bodies,
The craving in the mind,
The arousal from the finger tips to the hair tips
Rekindled the fire in our hearts,
Our minds lodged in the spirit of forgetfulness,
Digging deeper into our bodies,
Flesh to flesh,
Face to face,
Closer and closer.
Slow rhythms, finally it's done

Weeks later,
Remorseful stories,
Regret was a word better,
Describing all the worries,
She summed up in a letter.
She said she has fatigue, headache..
She threw up in the morning.
Lastly, she said she is pregnant.
News that brought anxiety,
an upsurge of emotions.
It's not the right time.
I think we should terminate it,
though it's ready to germinate.
Growing in the womb
and now ready to flash the content to the tomb

The feeling of being a dad,
I think I wasn't sure am glad
But that was my blood,
This is life with a view so blurred.
An appointment to the nurse
To help me discard the unborn
Some few coins and notes from the purse
A reason to kill a future yet to be born
It's kind of a curse.

I did trust the process,
it’s now over.
I did away with what I should possess,
where should I run to take cover?
It's a secret brought in a piece,
probably for a heart to have peace.
Now that the unborn died before being born.

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