BROKEN | Poetry by Oscar Hamunali 

I wonder If you asked permission from God before you took my innocence.
broke my heart in pieces.
watch the ashes
of my purity get blown by the wind of your selfishness.

why did you allow your hand touch my little soul?
the stains of your hand are still printed on my soul
your fingerprints have slowly turned in dark road maps I've walked on for long
pain is the tune
I dance with shame slowly kissing her lips as we dance 
insecurity is the colour of her lipstick

the tomb of my past is a place filled with skeleton giants.
they don't eat flesh, they are into music
they sing the most when I scream silence

I don't remember your face but I remember your act.
I don't remember your name but you are the reason I am in this fight.
Are you the reason I am close friends with lust?
I don't know much about you
all I know is that you came to visit our neighbor
I was playing outside
when you called me inside

I wasn't young to you but an opportunity to quench your thirst 
were you satisfied after you were done stitching your soul to mine?
or maybe your soul sang guilty after you were done.
would I still be a virgin if you never snatched it from me?

I'm drowning in this deep dark ocean of emotions
I have caged you for long
and the more I shackle you in this prison of unforgiveness 
the more I imprison myself on this island of bitterness
this crown of chains is now stealing life from this dying heart
dying because hearts were never meant to be prison cells

I don't know if you ever repented from your act

but I am letting you go
though it's not easy I am dropping these emotions that chain my heart
and just because I will never forget what you have done to my soul doesn't mean it has to cage me
that's why I let my heart drown in the bottomless ocean of the king's mercy
we are all broken
that's why I leave this anthem in the open 
we are all broken
and if he loved us while we were still zombies
I can forgive you before you say sorry.

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