I WRITE - Poetry by John Njoroge

I don't write every day
I don't write for a pay
I write what I can't say
In a sophisticated way.

I write to cry out my heart
I write when my voice is so hoarse to shout
I write to console lonely souls
When their play turns out foul.

I write when I'm too bitter to lament
I write when I'm too weak to fight
I write when romance is deep at night
I write when beauty catches my sight.

I write when my mind is at rest
To bring out my feelings best
I write when my wife is asleep
To deny her a constant peep.

I write to reach out to the world
'Cause my voice is not so loud
I write to get rid of deep feelings
I write to fly on eagle's wings.

I write when beautiful melodies in my ears ring
I write what I can't sing.

I write to compose a good poem
That hits the reader like a storm.

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