Prostitution have become common placed in most African society.  Because of the high poverty rate, many young girls are selling themselves for material possession.

Most of the girls in the streets slaving to prostitution comes from poor home. Also, some of them are living on their own and there is no proper guidance to guard them and show them the right way to go. The right thing to do.

Most young people don't even realise that they're engaged in prostitution. Most girls have boyfriends with whom they have sexual intercourse with in exchange for money or material possession. Their claim is they are not free women, if they will sleep with any guy he should offer them something.

I'm not saying that girls should sleep around freely. No! Instead, girls should have values and morals and guard their virtues.

The urge to be at the top. The urge to slay. The urge to become as popular as a celebrity that one is not has thrown many girls into the streets.

Some are clearly doing the work of prostitution. Others are masking it with pretense. All the same it's prostitution.

Now, our men or boys too are encouraging this. Because most of them make offers to these young girls. Offering to give them material possession or money in exchange for sex.

Our elders need to come up with a program that teach young people that it's okay to wait. And how to guard their values. They need to reset the norms that govern them.

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