I lived a simple and interesting life, following the rules and feeling proud of guys saying "ssss fine geh, I like ur shape" when I was just 11.
I thought it was normal to put on mini skirts and rock my beautiful legs just the way I saw my mum do it.
She'd tell me "Ada, you are too fine this your fine body cannot be hidden", then immediately after she'll introduce me to "uncle" who always bought me "chin chin" and I'll run off to play with my friends while mum and her visitor shared holy communion (like she said).

Soon after I was 18 and already done with secondary school but Jamb don jam me tire so my mother said "no need for school".
On a quiet evening while picking beans I heard my name outside and went to see who was calling and as usual it was my mum with another "uncle" but this one looked more like a 'daddy' to me.
"Adanne meet Mr Daniel he's my very tight friend and he has been the one supporting us right from when your dad died" Mum said

"Ahh thank you sir", I prostrated like the good home-trained girl I was.

"Follow him to the room and drop these things he brought for us", she pointed to a large bag of rice and other groceries that I felt this Uncle Daniel couldn't carry alone so I helped.

The moment I entered the room I heard the door bang firmly and click twice and to me that was a sound of danger so I turned to see what happened

Immediately he pushed me to the bed and ripped my clothes like a beast who hadn't seen good meat in a while. That day my tears soaked the whole bedsheet but still the red blood stain was very obvious. I didn't even know he left the room till I heard a voice whisper to my mum outside.
"I tell u sey dah girl don tear eye na, she no even shout sef, forget that blood thing ur pikin sabi work"

That was the beginning of my life on the streets.

Now I'm currently 22 and I write to u from the bedroom of a drunk old man.
This is my life now, now a master at what I do.
I am a prosti-fessional.

We aren't all lawyers but we so much point fingers at these people, even if we are, we aren't God.
Do they deserve judgement?
What do you think?

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