LIVE - Poetry by Dominique Mthembu

I used to be so caught up in thoughts and dreams of how life is supposed to be
My mind filled with all the ideas of how life should be, I stopped living
I lived to make sure to be perfect you know, have everything in order
Avoid imperfections, pain, and mistakes
Get good grades, perfect love story, perfect body and this whole idea of perfection made me feel
Made me feel unworthy of certain things
Ever felt pretty but not pretty enough?

In a cage, I belt myself
would go through things and tell no one cause I just wanted to be the girl that has it all figured out
The girl that's strong and needs no man to survive but I had lost my point of living

I have grown to learn that it's okay to not have it all figured out,
It's okay to cry, to fail, to get heartbroken even.
Tears fill my eyes when I think of what I lost whilst I thought I had it all figured out
I am grown and I am alive
I smile cause I am content with who I am and what I can achieve
I feel joy from the core of my soul cause I know I'm no longer seeking beauty that's approved by
I live for today so that I won't live tomorrow in regrets
Growth taught me to live.

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