A man's touch will get you pregnant, mom warned
A breed of just female friends everyday I longed
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?
But dear, I didn't plan this fight

I was the good well mannered virgin-girl
Whose father raised with respect and fear
Mom extolled the virtues of womanhood to me so dear
Like the snake that deceived Eve I had to stare clear

My path transitioned with speed
The university after high school, what a leap
Then came love on a beautiful lip
I found comfort on a cozy cuddle sleep

Soon twas too cold to stand alone as a lamb
His hand found my nipple, damn
Too sensitive, am I on a magic stand?
No rain but I'm dripping right on land

Biology which I studied never said twas this sweet
Virginity lost with pain but was so lit
Hmm, his shaft in me, the best fit
Not until I saw Akpan's did I have cold feet

From Akpan to Samuel and now John
No best man to win it all
I treaded every rod till my wall stood in awe
Best feeling, I followed no law

Back home I was mom's Virgin Mary
Her brother Samson had tasted the sauce not just the casing
Long skirt, long sleeve and head properly tied behind the church building
The priest was about to taste as he dived in he muttered no shaking

I get laid and also get paid
Screams re-echoing as my voice faints
Alot of lives had postinor slain
I'm left with ecstacy as my only gain

Crucify me for being a whore with no shame
My mission is satisfaction, not fame
I was just lied to that sex was so lame
Now I'm addicted, most clients; I've forgotten their names

So what's the unique stand point
Prostitution equals body gratification
Including adultery and fornication
Don't put the blame on me
I'm only a human who couldn't control my libido.

Are there parental influence on prostituted children?
What do you think?

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