Prostitution her source of income
She exposes her body to a lot of people, she experiments it so that she is able to put food on the table.

Her shift starts at sunset when the town is quiet and a few people are around to see.
She walks around in the streets half naked and her body exposed to the cold, but that does not bother

She stands there with her colleagues awaiting to be called by their customers.
When its her turn she prepares herself for the worst.
She hopes and pray that she will come out alive.

Her customers are men who are ruthless and that have wives.
Sometimes she walks away without being paid for her duties.
She again has to go back and try again and again.

She operates her business anywhere her customer sees fit.
She has to please her customers, her stomach depends on the little change she gets.

When her shift is over she heads back to her tunnel that she calls home. She heads back to her little baby that she's wrapped with a piece of cloth.

She heads home with enough money to buy her baby food to eat. Her mind body and soul tired as she kisses her baby good night.

She watches her baby fall asleep, as she injects herself with medication that will give her the ability to forget about her life.
Prostitution her source of income.
Help her.

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