WITHIN HER | Poetry by John Ngundi

She had the zeal that only lacks anxiety
She had ambitions that needed to be worked on
Worked on exclusively smart 
Hard would crush everything 
And the pieces scattered completely
Yet she only saw her weakness
Weakness that only she could turn it into strength

She had the power and ability
Power of an iron lady
The ability to conquer and win
The power to be the best of her version
The power to prove the world wrong
But that wasn't in her thoughts
She only saw her inability
And forgot she was abled differently
So it killed her from the inside

If only she knew what the future held
And worked to make the best of her
To always show the world how good she was
And giving up before winning wasn't an option
Then she would have had all the wished for
But wishes can never be horses
So she walked her way home

It's through those eye
That proved she was caring and loving
She was higher than the mountains
And the tunnels swallowed her
She was drowning in a dry river
She wasn't seeing her prowess
And that was the gravest mistake she ever made.

She forgot being strong isn't always standing
But knowing when to sit after a long journey
She forgot that quitting isn't a sign of weakness
It's giving others a chance to taste the high position
To have the chance to know how it feels
Especially when you lose so you learn
And that was the understanding she lacked.

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