THE SACRIFICES WE MAKE | Poetry by Lewis Wamwanda

You will feed us with honey and milk
To bribe us away from the pain
But the memories will be buried deep within us
Plunging deep down the thoughts of sorrow
Like a small ship lost in the middle of a raging sea
Or a plane in the middle of a stormy night
And silently, within the verge of our sorrow
We will summon death for comfort
And take pain with us
To ease the burden in our hearts

We will laugh together till midnight
To give you hopes of triumph
And a sense of victory and pride
But when we lay silently in our beds
In the cold lonely nights,
The buried memories will find their way out
To torment and lure us to pain
Mocking and making fun at us
As we bath in tears of our sorrows
And fighting ourselves back to slumber

Nights will not be time to sleep
For fear will be roaming at the darkest hours
Waiting to pounce on our beaten souls
And take control of the long nights
We will be enslaved by our memories
Tortured by the past bitter pains
To the point of breaking our souls
And killing the little joy we possessed
Extinguishing the light lit years ago
And hope and happiness will float in the dark

We will laugh and smile all day
And you will praise us for our happiness
And urge others to be like us
To follow the steps we ought to make
But you won't understand our grief
And not notice the masks we wear
That fades as dusk approaches
Leaving us naked, afraid and lonely
And the chains of fear will be put on us
As we wait for our long night of torture

You won't see the sorrow behind our joy
Neither the ugly part of our beauty
Nor sense the fears behind our courage
For our masks are only worn at dawn
To give us a false impression of joy
Of courage, of happiness and of love
And you will marvel and make merry
Of how you succeeded to change us
And people will praise and sing songs for you
But we will still wait for night, for torture.

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