THE HEIGHT OF THE NOBLE | Poetry by Ahmad Muhammad Jamiu

The height of the noble
Is the greatest height
Easy to settle, hard to reach    
A place of survival for the fittest

Kept by the obstinate man
It's attainment
is kept by continuous struggling 
Then, while their companions slept

They keep standing at the end of fire chip
Strapping and struggling for success
Flounder to survive 
And when revive 

They keep walking on the line
Until they become sublime
When others are rumbling in the course taken 
They walk firmly on that tough path

Aiming for a better morrow 
Though their body sleep but their brain and soul waketh
Planning ahead for better days
And when failure comes their ways

They believe that success is what is yet to come 
And keep working on the rough road 
Until they succeed in their course 
Believe and you will know 
that no one is born with success but 
What you aimed for and 
Achieved is what is called success 
Be at the top and not at the bottom
Because the top is sparse and the bottom is dense.

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