ASHEWO | Chronicles by Daniel Lucas | Poetry | PROSTIFESSIONAL SERIES

Have you ever had to choose between being a fed slave and a hungry slave, yes i said slave twice, you see my reality is bondage, handcuffs with my full name on them, Asewo, they turn necks at my pillory as they judge my case but I'll be okay even though my papa nor be Dangote.

Have you ever had to choose between being blue, sleeping under the bridge, getting raped to sleep every night or putting your womanhood on auction.
Fifty, hundred thousand.... One million sold to the highest bidder, and yes, 'I said million'
You say your body nor be firewood, well my body no be recharge card.
I swim in oceans of money and ecstacy as Yemi Alade's Ferrari becomes my theme song.

Come into me tonight my dear, drink from my well of lust, what flavour is the wine of my lines, Asewo they say, but I say it's more like Blessing Okagbare cos I'm more of a runs girl, don't call me Asewo, don't sing about because contrary to what you might believe; I'm not dying of thirst, if I was I would rather drown in a sea of sea man's and semen and that's when I'm feeling humble, when I'm not it's Henne-sea and not the pool of Bethsaida or the river Jordan.

you see my reality is bondage, handcuffs with my full name on them...

At 23 all I care about are a pair of Jordans, Jimmy Choos, Givenchy, don't judge when I still walk around half naked I'm already clothed enough in shame, so you better stop your sermon half way, spare me a ride to the fiery hallways of hell on your bicycle of self righteousness I'm too tired,

Don't tell me how I'll spend afterlife there if I don't grab a broom and sweep away my sinful ways but I already live in hell in this life, keep your broom gimme an umbrella to cover my shame.

Save me a trip to your church pews that sure spew hate and prejudice on my kind; look at her, scatter-brained atheist, the devil dwells in her loins, walking around acting like Thibaut Courtois against Lionel Messi opening legs to every jack and Joe.

Well Mrs Jack and Joe tip your halo of a church hat but did you know that your husband doesn't use hats and he uses more than just the tip when he come and kill babies on my bed every night, I cannot come and kill myself.

Mr Preacher man where was your God when our apartment vomited a young single mother and her sick children to the streets ?
Where was He when the rain flushed the last of our belongings including our hope and pride in the cold belly of  the night ?
Where was your God when she had to open the gates of her womanhood just to pay bills?
Where was He when shewhen left her teenage daughter without aid as she shook hands with AIDS sealing the contract of her residency in the grave yard?
Where was your God when her uncle told her 'I believe you can fly' and played R. Kelly while he stuck her in the closet?

When next you want to look down on me, society, do it in a slow motion sequence to an Eminem song and sing along 'WE MADE YOU'

At least I don't play space bar and spend all my days on a keyboard cheating people of their money!

I'm nothing like your thieving, lying politicians, the only business we have begun and die with is in the hotel suit.

Don't you dare call me ASEWO, I'm just a victim of my circumstance.

Ashawo abi? More like a professional name. White collar job I mean. What do you think?


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