ELECTRICITY PALAVA IN NIGERIA - Poetry by Oluwole Oluwatobi Solomon 

Imagine the electricity avalanching condition
It is in the state of comatose
The epileptic electricity in all zones of Nigeria
In the North, they complain
In the South, they murmur
In the East, they grumble
In the West, they curse
Why is our electricity in this state?

Shedding power like chin-chins to abject children
Leaders are enjoying
Masses are suffering
What has bedeviled this country?
Why is our electricity degrading daily?
Nigeria celebrated twenty years of democracy
Nothing to show for it in the power sector.

Nigeria, a country endowed with needed resources
To power the whole world
For how long shall we celebrate our backwardness?
Pertaining to electrical instability
Like an Abiku child 
Going and coming
Without any hope of happiness in this haven - Nigeria.

Our leaders are the oasis of our electrical palava
How can a falcon in the cage fly for freedom?
Nigerians in total darkness of epileptic electricity
Leaders are celebrating darkness as achievements
Eyes of the bigger children are watching our retrogression
In the power sector.

What is the role of the Minister of Power?
How can a Barrister be a Minister of Power?
That marks the palaver of Nigeria electricity
When shall we end this unstable power supply?
Until when our leaders get it right,
When they don't give the combs of the masses to the wolves
That's when Nigerian electricity can be stable.

*Abiku = still-born child

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