SUICIDE IS NOT THE WAY - Article by Roland Ogomigo

The rate of suicide that hit the waves recently on social media really pricked my heart. I saw a UNN student commit suicide with a note. He wrote an article called 16 notes to end your life.

Another case study is infamous reliance on Sniper to aid suicide. Many people drink this insecticide as a suicidal soft drink. Now you can't go to the retailer to purchase this product without people being suspicious of its use.
I don't wanna judge those who commit suicide, but the high rate of it is unbecoming. 

Come let us talk, why you want to kill ya self? Is money the problem? 

Some commit it because of the depression attached to their current situation. When heartbreak sets in, this might warrant suicide for some. When the failure of an exam occurs, this can warrant it also. 
I don't want to explain further. Some might be due to humiliation
This starts gradually. It deals with the mind and blends it to its tone.


"If you don't control your mind, it will control you"


Think and grow rich was and is still an influential book of all time. Your thinking can result in realistic actions. What you let in will determine what will control you.

Do you know watching suicidal movies, reading its post, etc can bring this menace to fruition as it might encourage one to use its strategies adopted.
Some do it for the belief of an afterlife. Unknowingly to them, that afterlife only lives in their brain.
When suicidal thoughts sets in. What can you do to avert it?
Will you go ahead and get drugged or explain it creatively via writing or speech?

The funny thing about people is that when those victims post a suicidal message, they will say stuffs like - my guy kill yaself, Nigeria population is too much. Abeg do quick so I go chop akara for your burial. It seems funny, but it isn't.

A suicide victim tagged someone with a quote - "Why live in this world when you will die thereafter.
Life is meaningless no matter your achievement. Everything is delusional so killing oneself is the easiest route to escape life's drama"

Is that really true? I don't think so. Life is beautiful and that's why medicines have been invented to tackle death caused by illness. Inventions have also made things easier no matter how bad the economy is.
The truth is almost everyone loves a fun-filled life. They don't want sorrow or perceives the sorrow is too much a burden for them to carry. Since no one can help them lift that burden, then they will help themselves end the situation.

You're not the owner of your life. Your parents, teachers, employers, peers, etc all own your life. Their contributions in your life shouldn't be tarnished by you. Make them proud and make yourself happier also by achieving that great dream.
That's why when you die, you don't only feel the pain. Your actions also hurt them, because you've become a bad investment.
Death also killed past great people, but because they cared for humanity by providing solutions to problems, they remain immortalized in our heart. 
Think about that. Death is normal.
Death is temporal. Life is temporal. 
The path you choose determines the value you will bring to the world. The world needs love not pain. Tell that suicidal victim to embrace himself or herself totally then every problem will subside. It all starts with self-pity and rejection.

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