I ONCE SAT DOWN - Poetry by Stanley Chemweno

I once sat down
And bombarded my little head
Questions! questions! questions!
Why the continent was under siege
Friends turning to foes
Who's fooling who?

I once sat down
And questioned the sanity
Of the ancient philosophers
Of their teachings and preachings 
Of this decadent age

I once sat down
And listened to the bloody cries
Weeping and wailing
Wriggling and writhing
Of mama Africa
Her voice echoing from the caves
Of Kilimanjaro
To the plains of the Serengeti

I once sat down
And authored a theory
Into why we have no harmony
Somber songs we sing with a symphony
War songs we cry with jubilation

I once sat down 
And spat on the ground 
That change would be 
Before it dried 
And none shall be 
To diminish 
Mother Africa's pride 

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