THE HORROR NIGHT (30/31 DAYS OF GRACÎÔX POETRY) | Poetry by Jhose Emriz Gracioux | Chronicles

Nothing looks horror than last night
The rain falls, everyone ran indoors.
The cold chilly, as my heart sink
I closed my eyes in grief, tears flows down my cheeks
I wish this night never come

Oh Jews!
It's your custom and traditions to mourn.
To mourn with sack clothes and all
How then can I put on this sack cloth and mourn.
I felt a warm hug as tears runs down my jaws
No need for sack cloth, take this black and black
Stop those tears, from dust we came
And dust shall we return.
I wiped my tears now, as I was consoled by these words.
We moved to the grave side, everywhere was dark
Except the burning candles, from everyone arround the grave side
Oh! I wish this night never to come.

I pushed a bit forward now to see who it was
Oh my world! I slumped to my feet
I screamed in pain
The black on my body was turned rag
I tore it with anger and pain
I wish this day never to come again.

Oh my world!
You can't go so soon
I walk close to where she's lying dead
I grabbed her cold hands in pain
But couldn't feels her breath again
Oh mother, you mean the world to me
How can I breath without you
I wish you can come back again.

Oh mother, all promises are now in vain
I promised to pay back your love and care
And now you're here lying dead.
I'll ever miss your smiles that drives my fears
Oh death, why taking my world
She always told me to trust in God
How then can I trust, when my world is gone
Oh mother, I wish this day never to come.

As I weep and tear in pains
I felt a warm touch that drives my fears away.
I opened my eyes in haste, as my heart path in pains
I saw the smile of the one I ever loved
Oh my world, I grabbed her tightly
Please mother, hold me tight
Don't let me leave your sight
Now I felt relived
When I realized it was just a dream
I know this day will never come again.

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