HOW TO SURVIVE SUICIDE | Poetry by Temidayo Opeyemi Jacob

When your neck becomes too thin
to carry the heavy thoughts in your head,
When your hands become too stiff
to push your past away from you,
When your eyes become too blind
to see the things present before you,
When your legs become too light
to quickly drag your body into the future;
You know you are getting close to
the point of kissing yourself goodbye.

You begin to see your skin as an enemy
stopping you from murdering your soul.
You begin to see reality as a huge wall
taking your dreams away from you and
you're tempted to break and bring it down.
So, you need something to hold you.

A knife and a gun cannot hold all of you,
a rope can only hold your thin neck;
you need something to hold all of you.

Jumping down to earth from a skyscraper,
it will hold you like a mother holds a baby.
Angels will be there to protect you too
so that your legs won't kiss sharp stones.

But angels do not even appear in dreams.
How would they in real life?

Let not your soul be tempted.
No object can hold you.
Only man can hold another man.
Return to man.

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