SHADOW OF A CROWNED COLONY| Poetry by Ahmad Muhammad Jamiu

Since 1900, our nation is non
But a motherless state 
Natured on a strange land
In the hand of fiery father
At the mist of misery 
We swim through the dip of the ocean
We crawled on a naked nail
With our bare foot we walked, on a thorny pouch 
Going through the death for hellenic masters
Since they tend to present to us 
A peaceful atmosphere 
But in fold, they care only for our means.

For their greed, they turn us
to crowned savage
From head, top to down
We were crowned with shackles
And the world see not our tears 
Because in the sea, we wept our tears
Though for our pain,
It has been shadle by water 
And we see all, as the past 
But the tale will still be told

In 1962
Indeed we became a crowned-colony 
But we are still being hunted by the shadow of the colonist
For every decision we make
is from what they lay.
We are blessed by nature 
But our leaders are failure
We make nothing not of our own 
And we worked effortlessly till we are bone
We give our tiniest venture
But yet we live on debenture
If not enough for your tenure
We can give more to bring back our honor

The  honor is our right 
But the right has been deprived 
Should we keep watching? 
As in pain 
our mother are yearning 
our children are crying 
must we not make a change? 

For our youth 
They think the future is blank
And what they could think is to hack 
They mind not to loot 
As money is the root 
Crime is now the route
Since success will be suit
Tell me, if this is what you want? 
or our should be the worst
But for the generation to come, what should be done?

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