TEENAGE MOTHER | Poetry by Margaret Wairimu Waweru

I saw her again today 
sitting at her usual spot, with palms on her cheeks 
Flies and bees surrounding her like hardworking soldiers 
Sucking the pus from the wounds on her nose and forehead 
She is trying to push them away, but they won't leave the God-given good 

The baby is on her back
From a distance I can see it's a boy 
..naked and tied loosely with a worn-out sheet, 
Mucus and tears filled his tiny face 
He is trying to capture the mother's attention 
But she is just too sad and traumatized to listen 

As I walk close to her, I realize that 
This girl is no more than thirteen years 
But life has beaten the teen look out of her 
Such that she looks older than an adult 
Wrinkles formed all over her young face 

Before I get to her, I enter a stall on the side of the road,
to buy a bread and two packets of milk 
I am sure she is starving, and the 'malnutritoned' baby on her back surely needs some milk .

So when I get to her, I tap her softly on her shoulder 
She is startled, and quickly stands, the baby starts crying too 
It's clear she is not used to nice visitors 
"Hold on, I mean no harm", I said stretching the bread to her 
As she reach for the bread , something shocks me, 
despite the fact that this twelve year old is carrying a few months old baby on her back , 
She is pregnant with another....
A thirteen-year old mother of one and heavy with another ....
Malnourished  and homeless
A few meters from the child protection office
What a shame 

I know I can't get her out of the street yet, 
so I go home with a heavy heart, 
wondering what kind of a chimera would bed a thirteen year old ,
a child, who can't even raise herself, and leave her pregnant,
and in the street 

My heart bled, but I knew I had to do something,
Every teen deserved normal life.

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