SUE-CIDE | Poetry by Sulola Imran Abiola

Help me tell the world 
that my burdens eloped me
more than I can carry. 
That I almost sang myself, 
a lullaby to eternal slumber 
never to wake up 
to this garden of bitter nectar. 

That I've once tread the path 
to a destination everyone resist to be part 
when all seem impenetratable 
and much like sitting 
on a static round table, 
I decide to journey to the land of no fears.

That I've once tread this path 
that seems obcsure, 
on sullen and pale face.
Walked a million miles 
without limbs.
Flown in the air without wings
'coz hope is my vehicle. 

That I've sustained bruises
by life's rough edges 
leaving me with nothing 
but scars and scares. 
That I've knocked on the door 
to the outer world 
without success. 

And that my knowledge of death 
is after me, whistling to me, 
the whistle of 'Go and never come back'.

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