AKUDAYA | Poetry by Adeshina Abiodun Emmanuel

Lost souls, 
Souls of the dead, 
Trapped between life and death; 
Because they cannot find peace. 

Adunni was but a young girl,
And she's been lost for days; 
Where she'd gone no one knew
And when she'd be back,
No one could tell. 

A few weeks later she was found, 
With head severed from her body
By men who want to make it by hook or by crook.

How come she's working here as a maid
When she'd died a few years ago? 
The pain of motherhood was reignited in her mother's heart, 
Because if she'd died at birth she'd but be long forgotten;
For in pains and penury she was raised 
With the hope that she'll wipe her mother's sufferings when she's old, 
And pour dust over her face
When her eyes by death are closed.

Now in the penumbra of her state
She wandered aimlessly, 
For her time is still young, too far from spent
And the glorious home wouldn't welcome her;
Thus rendering her the walking dead. 

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