CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS : Flash Fiction Submissions

The Flash Fiction Magazine is an online platform that allows contributors promote their writing skills on the platform (their website) and also run a magazine at  Flash Fiction Magazine anthologies which they pall all successful contributors $40 (USD) for.


What qualifies as a STORY is subjective, but in general

  • It should have a beginning, middle, and end with conflict and resolution.
  • Conflict = There needs to be an incident or event of some kind. Something must happen to qualify as a STORY.
  • Resolution = In the end, the character’s world is different as a result of the incident and how it was dealt with.
  • When in doubt ask yourself, “Did something happen?”

We are not interested in lyrical musings, journal entries, poetry, vignettes, or slices of life with no discernible plot or STORY.


  • Submit only fictative works under 300–1000 words.
  • Read Flash Fiction Magazine books to see what stories we have previously paid for.
  • No previously published work. Please ensure all submissions made have not been proviously published elsewhere even on personal websites.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed. Let the ditors know if your story is accepted elsewhere.
  • Do not submit excerpts from your latest novel or short stories. Flash fiction should be a complete story.
  • Flash fiction isn’t non-fiction or personal memoir—but by all means, fictionalize these.
  • We do not accept poetry.
  • We do not accept children’s fiction.
  • We do not accept erotica. Adult themes including sex, violence, and even politics are fair game.
  • We don't need any more stories about the writing process. We have a huge audience of readers who are not authors. Don't bore them.
  • We don’t want to get into rights issues, so no living public figures as characters, fan-fiction involving proprietary characters (Batman, etc.), and song lyrics. Passing references to all of these are fine.


Submissions fee? = Free for a submissions per month and
Incentives? They currently only pay $40 for entries that make it to their Flash Fiction Magazine


Kindly visit their website to access the SUBMIT key.

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