LAST NIGHT'S TALE | Poetry by Joy Coppyz

Lively hard face
With no love nor care
Sips of bitter herb
A battle fight, 
My room was.

Heavy falling drops
Sweeter of rage
Pools of sweet-salt fluids
I was sweating though no fright

Fighting my demons all through
A duel, in need of me again
Full of wrath
So cruel they were.

Kicking me down on the floor
Wet me,
No humanity at all
Tormenting is their norm.

Handed me a white rope
A handful of pills, a sharp knife
Holding my hand
Leading my soul to hell

Struggles in wrath
My weak soul
fights! fights!! fights!!!
Courage after all 

They fear my cheerleader
Just with my weak soul
Lights again on a splint
Ooh, my black battle!

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